WANG Zhenghua, Vice President & Vice Secretary of CPC CPU Committee

Release date:2019-11-13  Release:

WANG, Zhenghua

Vice President & Vice Secretary of CPC CPU Committee

Born in 1963, Vice President Wang graduated from the Chemical Pharmaceutics Program of China Pharmaceutical University in 1986, receiving his Bachelor of Science degree. He has a part-time postgraduate diploma and has been granted the title of associate professor. In CPU, he served as Youth League Secretary, Minister of Publicity Department of CPC Committee, Dean of Social Science Department, Director/Minister of Student Affairs Office, and Director of Graduate Student Affairs Office. He also undertook the positions of: vice president of CPC School, vice secretary of CPC Department Committee, Secretary General of CPC Ideological and Political Education Society, committee member Jiangsu Pharmaceutical Association, and deputy director of the Youth Committee. In July 2013 he was appointed Vice President of China Pharmaceutical University.

Vice President Wang’s endeavor in educational management has won him honorary titles including: outstanding Youth League cadre in universities of Jiangsu Province, outstanding communist in universities of Jiangsu Province, and outstanding member of CPC Committee, etc.