KONG Lingyi, Vice President

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Vice President, Dr. & Prof. Lingyi Kong

Born in 1964, Lingyi Kong obtained his B.S. degree in 1984 from the Department of Pharmacy of Shenyang College of Pharmacy, his M.S. degree in medicinal chemistry in 1987 from Dr. Norman Bethune Medical University and his Ph.D degree in medicinal chemistry in 1992 from Shenyang College of Pharmacy. Since 1994, when Dr. Lingyi Kong finished his post-doctoral research at China Pharmaceutical University (CPU), he has been working as a teacher in the university. From 1998 to 1999, he continued his studies as a visiting scholar in the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Meijo University in Japan. In 2009, Dr. Lingyi Kong worked as a visiting professor in the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Kyushu University in Japan. Dr. Kong was the dean of the School of Traditional Chinese Pharmacy of CPU from September 1997 to July 2012 and has been the executive vice-president of China Pharmaceutical University Research Academy of Materia Medica since July 2012. Dr. Lingyi Kong has been vice-president of China Pharmaceutical University since July 2013.

Titles of Dr. Lingyi Kong: “Ministry of Education Yangtze River Scholar” professor, “National Outstanding Youth Research Fund” winner, “21st Century 100-1000-10000 State-Level Talent”, “Ministry of Education Innovation Team Leader”, “chief leader for the doctoral program of the first-level discipline of Traditional Chinese Pharmacy of China Pharmaceutical University”, “faculty advisor for doctoral degree candidates”, “member of the National Pharmacopoeia Committee”, “vice-chairman of the Special Committee of Traditional Chinese Materia Medica and Natural Medicinal Products under Chinese Pharmaceutical Association”, “vice-president and secretary-general of the International Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM Chemistry Branch Association”, “member  of the National Supervising Committee of Higher Education of Traditional Chinese Pharmacy under the Ministry of Education”, “vice-president of the National TCM Educational Association Traditional Chinese Pharmaceutical Education Research Association”, “member of the Reviewing Experts of the National Natural Science Foundation Medical Science Committee”, executive editor-in-chief of the SCI-indexed Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines and the member of the editorial boards of Journal of Asian Natural Product Research, Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica, Chinese Pharmaceutical Journal and China Journal of Chinese Materia Medica.

Dr. Lingyi Kong’s researches cover the fields of chemistry of Chinese Materia Medica and the chemistry of natural medicinal products with most research work done in the extraction, identification, structural modification, biotransformation, total synthesis and structure-activity relationship (SAR) of active components from traditional Chinese medicines (TCMs) and natural medicinal products, which has laid a solid foundation for his research and development of new drugs. Dr. Kong has been the director for many research projects at the state and ministerial/provincial levels, including those key and general projects supported by the National Outstanding Youth Research Fund, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Key High-Tech Research Fund for the Innovation of Novel Drugs and the Ministry of Education Key Project Supporting Fund. His publications include more than 280 research articles (215 in SCI-indexed journals) published in such well-known domestic and international journals as Organic Letters, Tetrahedron, Tetrahedron Letters, Journal of Natural Products, Phytochemistry, Planta Medica, Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry and Journal of Chromatography A and 7 academic works. Dr. Kong has applied for 12 patents and has been granted licensing for 8 patents.

Dr. Kong is the chief responsible professor for the state-level special undergraduate program of traditional Chinese pharmacy of CPU. He is the leading professor for the state-level key undergraduate course of “Chemistry of Natural Medicinal Products” and the Jiangsu provincial-level outstanding postgraduate course of “Advanced Spectrometry” of CPU. Besides, Dr. Kong is the chief compiler of “Spectrometry” published by the People’s Medical Publishing House and one of the chief compilers of “Chemistry of Natural Medicinal Products” published by China Medical Science and Technology Press, which are both planned state-level textbooks recommended for medical and pharmaceutical undergraduates in China.