LU Tao, Vice President

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LU, Tao
Vice President 

Dr. & Prof. Lu is a doctoral supervisor of China Pharmaceutical University (CPU). He has been crowned as a provincial-level outstanding teacher of Jiangsu. From Sep.1998 to Oct.2000, he studied under the supervision of the well-known medicinal chemist Prof. Laurence H. Hurley at the University of Texas at Austin (USA) in a Sino-US Joint-PhD program. He was appointed deputy director of the Department of Basic Sciences of CPU in October 2000 and then director of the department in February 2003. He was appointed Dean of School of Sciences in 2012 and Vice-President of the university in July 2013. 
Prof. Lu has long been engaged in the instruction of undergraduate students, and has chiefly undertaken various educational reform projects of the Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Province, which has won him numerous awards. His current memberships include: Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation Expert of China’s Ministry of Education, Peer-Review Expert of the Department of Life Sciences of the National Natural Science Foundation (NSFC) of China, Drug Price Evaluation Expert of the National Development and Reform Commission; board member of Jiangsu Chemical Engineering Society, editorial board member for Journal of China Pharmaceutical University, etc. He has been the peer-reviewer with many SCI journals including the European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and Journal of Molecular Modeling. 
His major research areas include: (1) drug designing and synthesis; (2) methods and applied research on computer-aided novel drug design; (3) organic methodology; (4) drug biostatistics. He has completed a number of projects at the national and provincial levels. Currently, his research group is undertaking 6 research projects of NSFC , 3 projects funded by the Ministry of Education Doctoral Fund, and 1 project funded by the Ministry of Education Foreign Expert Fund. In the past three years, 31 of his papers have been published in SCI journals. Besides, Prof. Lu has been busily involved in establishing a long-term school-enterprise cooperation with domestic pharmaceutical enterprises,.