ZHANG, Fuzhen Vice Secretary of CPC

Release date:2015-12-25  Release:

ZHANG, Fuzhen

Vice-Secretary, Communist Party of China (CPC) China Pharmaceutical University Committee

     Born in 1956, Professor Zhang received her Bachelor of Medicine degree in 1983 from Nanjing Railway Medical College. She was promoted to associate professor in 1997 and professor (master’s supervisor) in 2005. Since 1998, she served as CPC vice-secretary and Secretary of Disciplinary Inspection at Nanjing Railway Medical College. In 2001, she was appointed as CPC vice-secretary of China Pharmaceutical University.

     Her areas of study include ethical education, mental health education and medical ethics. Her publications include: Unnatural death of college students and life awareness education, Self-realization and historical responsibility - on young cadres training, Influence of university leaders, Function and implementation of regulations in higher educational institutions ,Social function of higher education expansion, Analysis and guidance of career for college students, and  Reflections on the development of student CPC Party members, which were published in such key journals as Jiangsu Higher Education, University CPC Construction and Ethical Education, Theoretical Study and Exploration, etc.. Prof. Zhang is the chief compiler of such books as Medical Psychology and Medical Ethics, and has been the associate compiler-in-chief for such textbooks as A Brief Overview of Science, Political Behavior and Healthcare Medicine. She has undertaken the national Ministry of Education social science project of “Screening of psychological problems and prevention of unnatural deaths in college students” as well as many other key projects of university ethical education. Prof. Zhang has also won such honorary titles as the national “New Long March Commando”, “March-Eighth Red-Banner Pacesetter of Jiangsu Province”, etc.