CPU promotes student participation in Marathon

Release date:2015-12-25  Release:

A report from the student competitor:

Similar to recent years, there were more than twenty five thousand competitors present from all over the world, from Kenya to the US. This time the main sponsor was not the Japanese Toray Industries but Nike. The apparatus was somewhat smaller, but the support, the organization and the course were all very well-prepared, as usual. The only setback was the cold and humid weather, with the rain affecting most part of the race.
In spite of the bad weather, I was able to improve my overall time in the full marathon - 42 kilometers in 3h04mn - ten minutes faster than last year (3h14mn), and climb eighty-eight positions in the overall rank, going from 234th place among 6000 competitors in 2011 to 146th among 8000 in 2012. Were it not for the weather - and some lack of proper rest in the days preceding the race - results would have certainly been even better.
As an amateur competitor, I am proud of having achieved a good result in a competition comparable to the Tokyo or New York City Marathon, recognized as one of China�� four major international marathons (along with Beijing, Dalian, and Xiamen) by the State General Administration of Sports in 2005. But, more importantly, I had the humble opportunity to be able to compete in such a positive, noble and healthy activity, while strengthening body and enhancing spirit. From Shanghai citizens' enthusiastic and friendly support to the runners' camaraderie and joyous spirit along the whole race, this was certainly the core of this successful event.
Finally, I wish to convey my full appreciation for the support provided by the International Office of China Pharmaceutical University, as it recognizes the value of supporting an integrated mind-body development and a healthy competitive spirit, while actively promoting university's students participation at national level sports competitions. Thus I sincerely expect further opportunities to engage in competitive events with your support during the year 2013.

Warm regards
Carlos Chan Cordeiro
Jiangning, 12th December 2012