Release date:2015-12-21  Release:

School of Engineering was founded in September 2014, aiming to become a distinctive multi-disciplinary teaching and research school supported by engineering technology in order to serve the pharmaceutical industry.

School of Engineering has four teaching and research sections, two research centers, one laboratory center and one GMP training center. It has one doctoral program, three master programs and three undergraduate programs. There are 53 faculty members, with 28 full-time teachers, including 4 professors and 11 associate professors. Doctoral degree holders make up 89% of the faculty.

With its four key modules of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Food Quality and Safety, Environmental Science and Biomedical Engineering, the school is trying to become a refined engineering school of remarkable characteristics. It emphasizes the cross-integration of pharmacy and engineering, and stresses the support of engineering for pharmaceutical research and talent cultivation of engineering related to pharmacy. It attaches great importance to the innovation of talent cultivation pattern, the integration of the teaching team, the construction of a discipline platform, and the condensation of research directions. It also strengthens the combination of manufacturing, teaching and research and enhances social service.