XU, Guojun

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Professor Xu Guojun (1922-2005)


Prof. Xu was a pharmacognosist and pharmaceutical educator. As the founder of Chinese crude drug microscopic identification, especially microscopic analysis of traditional Chinese medicine powder, he was elected academician of the ChineseAcademy of Sciences in 1995. He was a former member of the discipline appraisal group of the Degree Committee of the State Council, member of National Pharmacopeia Committee and member of China Pharmaceutical Association.


He had been always dedicated to the teaching and research work of pharmacognostic identification, quality evaluation and resources development. The “Commonly Used Chinese Medicinal Herbs Species Systematization and Quality Research” program won the first class National Scientific and Technological Progress Award. He edited or jointly edited 26 teaching and research monographs and reference books, reviewed 15 works, and published 140 research papers. He won Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation for Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2001.