LAI, Maode

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Professor Lai Maode (1960- )

Prof. Lai is an expert in pathology. He graduated from Lübeck Medical University in Germany with his MD in 1990. He was elected to the GermanAcademy of Sciences in 2011 and awarded Super Expert of ZhejiangProvince in the same year. He was appointed President of ChinaPharmaceuticalUniversity in 2013 and served as chairman of China Society of Pathology and vice-president of the National Higher Education Teaching and Research Association.


He has been mainly engaged in his studies of tumor pathology, specifically molecular pathology of colorectal cancer. He is the leader of the National Natural Science Foundation project of “Research on the Relationship between EMT and Metastasis of Colorectal Cancer” and “The 11th Five-Year Plan “ project supported by National Science and Technology project of “Technology Research on the Early Identification and Intervention of Metabolic Syndrome”. He has won the provincial and ministerial level scientific research awards, the National Education Achievement Awards and many others.