International Exchange and Cooperation

We have made new progress in the joint post-graduate cultivation and international exchange and cooperation . In the “11th Five-Year-Plan” period, the number of postgraduates cultivated jointly between our university and other domestic and overseas universities, research institutes and pharmaceutical enterprises showed an obvious trend of rise. Since 2008, our university has been carrying out the project of dispatching postgraduates to study abroad with the financial support of the Chinese government. We have successively dispatched 64 doctoral degree candidates for overseas joint cultivation and 49 students to study for doctoral degrees overseas. In 2008, our university and University of Calabria of Italy jointly launched a project of post-graduate joint cultivation and international exchange, and so far 20 students have been dispatched to Italy for exchange and learning.  

In order to further boost the internationalization process of our university in such fields as teaching and scientific research, we have been continuously developing projects of international exchange and cooperation, and actively bringing in overseas brainpower. Since 2006, we have carried out 19 international exchange projects, accumulatively dispatched nearly 300 students, and received more than 100 overseas exchange students. We have received 140 overseas delegations and more than 400 overseas visitors, and dispatched 90 delegations and nearly 300 visitors for overseas visit, conferences, lectures, cooperative research and short-term projects. Our university has successively signed bilateral academic exchange agreements with more than 30 universities and research institutes in such countries/regions as USA, UK, Italy, Australia and Japan, and has set up relationships with relevant universities and institutions in more than 40 countries/regions including Germany, France and Austria.  


Overseas student education
Our university was one of the first universities designated by the government of China for recruiting overseas students (including students based on government scholarship) and one of the universities to recruit overseas students at the earliest time in Jiangsu Province. In 2010, we were granted the qualification of independent recruitment of students based on the scholarship of Chinese government. Since the 1950s, our university has brought up a lot of academic-degree students and non-degree students for more than 60 countries worldwide, many of whom have been playing an important part in such fields as politics, economy, education and scientific research in their own countries.