2017 CPU International Cultural Festival

Release date:2017-04-13  Release:主页英文版

China  Pharmaceutical University, Apr. 8, 2017: As one of the annual events, the Second  CPU International Cultural Festival kicked off in the morning. The event is  hosted and sponsored by CPU Office of International Exchange & Cooperation,  and organized by Student International Cultural Association (SICA) &  International Students Union (ISU).   

The cultural festival was held outdoors in Cafeteria 2 Square.  It  featured about twenty student groups from around the campus. The showcase  included international and Chinese multiethnic booths, international and  multiethnic dance and music performances, games, costumes, artifacts, and  samples of international cuisine.

The opening speech was made by Dr. Hengsheng FU, Vice Secretary of  CPU CPC Committee & Secretary of its Discipline Inspection Committee. At the  ceremony were also guests from the provincial government and the local  universities, including Mr. Xiaonan Yu the Deputy Director of International  Exchange & Cooperation of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education and  deans of schools of international (overseas) education from Nanjing University,  Southeast University, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing University of Science  & Technology, Nanjing University of Information Technology, etc. The opening  ceremony also saw the attendance of Prof. Feng FENG the director of CPU Academic  Affairs Office, Ms. Baoling ZHANG the Director of CPU Student Affairs Office,  Ms. Xinping CAO the Director of CPU News and Information Office, Mr. Zhenhua WU  the Deputy Director of CPU Securities Office, Dr. Xiaoyuan XU the Director of  CPU Office of International Exchange & Cooperation, and Prof. Zhixiang SHI  the Deputy Director of CPU Office of International Exchange &  Cooperation.

In his speech in English, Dr. Hengsheng FU said, This is an  excellent opportunity for international student groups to promote their cultures  to the rest of the CPU community. It is our hope to create an opportunity for  students to come together to celebrate and share their rich cultural heritages.  It is CPU's great opportunity to promote cultural diversity on campus. Prof.  Wenshu ZHAO, the dean of Overseas Education School of Nanjing University, also  made a speech, acknowledging the great importance of cultural festival, This  intercollegiate event is a platform for students from different universities to  get to know each other. It provides entertainment as well as an educational  experience for students, making studying at CPU an enriching experience.   

Written by Qi  LIU

Dragon Dance

Nanjing --a song by students in English-taught program

Pakistani Booth

Laos' Booth

Cambodian Booth

Pakistani Hand Painting

Performers of Chinese multiethnic groups, CPU leaders and guests