Coming Back for CPU’s 80th Anniversary!

Release date:2016-05-11  Release:

Cutting through grass and thorns, healing hearts and bones

A memory of eighty years, a praise song now she hears!


China Pharmaceutical University will celebrate its 80th Anniversary on November 16, 2016, a glorious celebration of China’s pharmaceutical industry. We hereby extend our sincere gratitude and highest admiration towards our leaders, alumni and friends who provided long-term care and support for the university’s development.


The University was founded in 1936 as China’s first independent four-year National College of Pharmacy. The University integrated the pharmacy schools from Qilu University and Soochow University in 1952 to establish the East China College of Pharmacy. It was renamed as Nanjing College of Pharmacy in 1956. In 1986, the current China Pharmaceutical University was established on the basis of the former Nanjing College of Pharmacy and the then newly established Nanjing College of Traditional Chinese Pharmacy. Over the past 80 years since its establishment, the University has been sticking to the motto of “Dedicated to Academic Excellence and Devoted to Public Health.” Among its graduates, there are 9 academicians and 100 thousand pharmaceutical professionals. Today’s CPU is striving towards its goal of establishing a world-famous, research-oriented university.


November 16, 2016 will be a day of celebration for CPU alumni, faculty and students home and abroad, an opportunity for alumni to reunite and to donate. Welcome back!



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