Student Develops Health Management APP

Release date:2016-05-12  Release:

Apr. 27, 2016 --Undergraduate student YAO Kang has developed an innovative application for health management. The APP, called Hello Health, allows user to measures blood pressure and heart rate just on a simple touch on the mobile phone camera to get very precise results.


The APP has won First Prize and "Most Investment Value Prize" of National College Student IT Software Design Competition "Discovery Cup", and highly praised by the authorities of B2B industry leader--Alibaba.


The APP is compatible with wristband, smart phones and other wearable devices. It combines multiple healthcare modules including health testing, family monitoring, anomaly index warning, online consultation, E-commerce and its unique Sport-Eating-Medication analysis module. When an abnomally high blood pressure is detected, the APP will send warning notice to the user's family and community to ensure timely rescue.


There are different versions of the APP -- the Senior Version has simplified user interface, bigger font,  graphic language and allows voice control. The Youth Version has more customized functions.


"Many of my family members are suffering from high blood pressure. It takes long time for them to get the precise measurement result and they often forget to take pills. " YAO said, "My knowledge and skills in Information Technology will make this easier."  


In the next couple of years, YAO Kang says, he is looking forward to commercialize this APP. But he also aims to encourage fellow students and to create an innovative culture on CPU campus.