CPU's Third International Students Academic Forum

Release date:2016-04-29  Release:

On the 22nd of  April 2016, China Pharmaceutical University hosted its Third International  Students Academic Forum, whose theme is World Pharmacy Education. The event took  place on the 2nd floor of the Auditorium, Conference Center, Jiangning Campus  and it started at 6:30PM.

Several  distinguished guests were invited as judges for the occasion and amongst them  were Prof. CHEN Yijun from School of Life Science and Technology, Prof. LI Zhiyu  Vice dean from School of Pharmacy, Prof. ZHAO Guanghui, Vice Dean from Foreign  Languages Department, Prof. XU Fengguo, Vice Dean from Graduate School, Prof. XU  Xiaoyuan, Director of International Office, and Prof. SHI Zhixiang, Deputy of  International Office. Prof. SHI first gave an opening speech and introduced the  early history and statistics of CPU back then in the 1950s and the current  achievements and goals in international student's education.


International  students from 11 countries submitted papers and competed for the prizes. The top  six were selected to present their papers on the forum and they are papers from  Lesotho, Nigeria, Sierra Leon, Rwanda, Yemen, and Zimbabwe while one more paper  from India was selected to present on the forum outside the competition. The  presentations cover an introduction to different countries with medical and  pharmaceutical overviews, pharmaceutical education in that country and its  differences between China, and pharmacy graduates employment, and market demands  and suggestion(s)  to the cooperation in pharmaceutical industry and education between China and  your country.  Each presenter was given a maximum of 13 minutes to present their papers and  afterwards the audience was granted the opportunity to ask the reporters two  questions related to his or her presentation. All the presentations were rated  by the judges.


All  participating countries did exceptionally well while every competition requires  crowning of winners. Finally, the first prize was awarded to the paper from  Sierra Leone, 2nd prize  to Lesotho and Zimbabwe, and 3rd prizes  to Yemen, Nigeria and Rwanda. The forum provided  a unique opportunity for both Chinese and international students to share  knowledge, discuss important issues and deepen our understanding of pharmacy  education in different countries of the world.


Opening speech from  Deputy Director SHI

Presentation by Ms.  SOORO MOPA ALINA from Lesotho

Presentation by ALI  DANIEL CHIKERE from Nigeria

Presentation by  SEMUKUNZI HERVE from Rwanda

Presentation by JAMES  PETER BAI from Sierra Leone


Presentation by  KUDZAI CHIFODYA from Zimbabwe

Presentation by SEN CHAUDHURI ARKA  from India

Director  Xu announced the results


Group  Photo

Presentation  to share among all students:

1-Presentation  from LESOTHO.pptx

2-Presentation  from Nigeria.pptx

3-Presentation  from Rwanda.pptx

4-Presentation  from Sierra leone.pptx

5-Presenation  from Yemen.pptx

6-Presentation  from Zimbabwe.pptx

7-Presentation  from India.ppt