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Professor of Pharmaceutical Analysis

School of Science

Phone: 86-25-86185150

Email: yanzhengyujiang@hotmail.com

Research Summary

Prof. Yans research interests include instrumental analysis and pharmaceutical analysis. She presided over the completion of subproject of national 863 plan major project, and participated in the completion of many projects of national natural and science foundation of China.  She also presided over more than twenty quality standards of new drug development. Prof. Yans research focus on three aspects: 1. synthesis, characterization and application of new nanomaterials; 2. Monitoring of the environmental water pollution; 3. Development of the drug quality standards.  Prof. Yan has published more than 90 high quality papers and 2 patent applications. She is appointed as reviewer expert of National food and Drug Administration health food, National Science and Technology Awards,National 863 plan, Ministry of education, Jiangsu provincial food and drug administration new drug and health food, Jiangsu Provincial Natural science research project and Hebei Provincial Science and technology.  She is also member of the academic committee of China Medicine University.


2004 Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Analysis, China Pharmaceutical University

2000 M.S., Pharmaceutical Analysis, China Pharmaceutical University

1982 B.S., Chemistry, Wuhan University

Academic Experience

2003-Professor of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Department of Analytical Chemistry, China Pharmaceutical University

1994-2002 Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Department of Analytical Chemistry, China Pharmaceutical University

1988-1993  Lecturer of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Department of Analytical Chemistry, China Pharmaceutical University

1982-1988  Lecturer of Physical Chemistry, Hubei University of Science and Technology

Awards and Honors

2016Outstanding Individual, China Pharmaceutical University,

2015Third Prize, for Jiangsu Challenge Cup, Jiangsu Provincial Education Department

2014First Prize, Guobang Teaching Excellence Award

2014Jiangsu Province 12th Five-Year Higher Education key Teaching Materials

2011Excellent Course of Instrumental Analysisfor Continuing education, Jiangsu Provincial Education Department

2010Tainhuang national prominent teacher for continuing education, The Chinese Adult Education Association

2008First Prize, Excellent Course of Analytical Chemistry, Jiangsu Provincial Education Department

More than 20 Teaching Awards from Jiangsu Provincial Education Department and China Pharmaceutical University



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