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Professor of Pharmaceutical Analysis

Dean of School of Science

Phone: 86-25-86185180

Email: wenyingzhongnj@163.com

Research Summary

Professor Zhongs research interests focus on developing new materials and methods for pharmaceutical analysis, which includes:

1. Development of nanoparticle-based drug delivery system;

2. Fabrication of nanomaterials for bioanlaysis;

3. Synthesis of quantum dots and its biomedical application.


2000~2004 Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, Nanjing University

1987~1990   M.S. in Analytical Chemistry, Nanjing University

1983~1987B.S. in Analytical Chemistry, Nanjing University

Academic Experience

1993-presentChinaPharmaceuticalUniversity, Instructor , Associate Professor; Professor

    1. Hebei Medical University, Instructor

Awards and Honors

2011Second prize, Jiangsu Teaching Achievement Award

2010 Excellent dissertation advisor to master’s candidate in Jiangsu Province, Department of Education of Jiangsu Province

2009  Foundation of Top-level Talents on Six Fields in Jiangsu Province, Department of Personnel of jiangsu Province

2009  the first state-level prize of "Outstanding Achievements in Education", Education Ministry of China

2004“Qing Lan” program fortalentedyoung teachers of Jiangsu Province, Department of Education of Jiangsu Province


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