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Associate Professor of Biostatistics

Director of Research Center of Biostatistics and Computational Pharmacy, School of Science,China Pharmaceutical University

Phone: 86-25-86185170

Email: f.r.yan@163.com

Research Summary

Professor YAN’s research focuses on statistical problems in new drug study, including clinical trial, drug safety and efficacy evaluation, adaptive trial design, survival analysis and precise tumor treatment, population pharmacokinetic analysis and pharmaceutical experimental data modeling and analysis. In recent years, as the first author or corresponding author, Professor Yan have more than 30 academic papers. He recently present a talk in ENAR (USA) about adaptive design, which stopping futility in clinical trials. Also, Professor YAN develop some clinical software, they are very power in clinical design.


2013       Ph.D., Biostatistics, Southeast University, China

2005       M.S., Mathematical statisticsSoutheast University, China

2002       B.S., MathematicsNanjing Normal University, China

Academic Experience

2015-2016   Visiting Scientist, Department of Biostatistics, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

2014-present  Associate of Professor of Biostatistics, Research Center of Biostatistics and Computational Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University

2008-2013    Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Research Center of Biostatistics and Computational Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University

2005-2008     Lecturer Department of Mathematics, China PharmaceuticalUniversity


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[2]. Li, R.; Lin, X.; Gen, H.B.; Li, Z.H.; Li, J.B.; Lu, T.*;Yan, F. R.* (co-corresponding author). A network-based method to evaluate quality of reproducibility of differential expression in cancer genomics studies. Oncotarget (2015).[IF:6.359]

[3].Ding, L., Liu, J.L, Hassan, W., Wang, L.L.,Yan, F. R. *(co-corresponding author), Shang, J.* Lipid modulatory activities of Cichorium glandulosum Boisset Huet are mediated by multiple components within hepatocytes. Sci Rep (2014) . [IF:5.578]

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