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Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

School of Science

Phone: 86-25-86185163


Research Summary

Yadong CHEN’s research focuses on the the development of new computational methods to gain insight for drug design, including the fragment-based drug design, virtual screening, and molecular mechanics/dynamics.Chen group is also interested in development of novel small molecules inhibiting protein-protein interactions as potential therapeutic agents and biological tools.


1999       Ph.D., Meicinal Chemistry, China Pharmaceutical University

1997       M.S.,  Inorganic ChemistryJilin University

1993       B.S.,   Organic ChemistryHubei University

Academic Experience

2010-       Associate Professor of Medicinal chemistry, School of Science

1997-2010  Lecturer of medicinal chemistrySchool of Science

Awards and Honors

2014       Young and Middle-aged Academic Leader for Universities of QINGLAN Project of Jiangsu

2008       Excellent Young Teacher in Provincial academic QINGLAN Project of Jiangsu


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