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Associate Professor of Economy

Deputy Director of Economy

School of International Pharmaceutical Business of China Pharmaceutical University

Phone: 86-25-86185038


Research Summary

Social and Administrative PharmacyResearches on Economics and Policy of pharmaceutical industry

Business managementResearches onStrategy and Operating mechanism of Enterprise

Taking the pharmaceutical industry as the object, the researches on the policy of the pharmaceutical industry are carried out. Using the principle and methods of economics to carry on industry analysis, market analysis and product research. The target of researches is to provide theoretical basis and data support for the formulation of pharmaceutical policies and regulations, the structural adjustment and improvement of enterprise management.


2012       Ph.D.  Social and Administrative PharmacyChina Pharmaceutical University

1995       M.S.  Philosophy of Science and Technology.Southeast University

1988       B.S.   Marxism-Leninism Theory, Southeast University

Academic Experience

1995-       Associate Professor of Economy, School of International Pharmaceutical Business of China Pharmaceutical University

1988-1995  lecturerDepartment of Social SciencesChina Pharmaceutical University

Awards and Honors

2008  Advanced Individual of Social Work in Jiangsu provinceJiangsu Education Department

2008  Second Prize of Outstanding Multimedia CoursewareChina Pharmaceutical University

2009  First Prize of Teaching AchievementsChina Pharmaceutical University

2009  Second Prize of Teaching Achievements of higher education in Jiangsu provinceChina Pharmaceutical University

2011  Grand Prize of Innovation Award of Science Development and Humanities and Social Sciences of ChinaChina Academy of management science

2012  First Prize of Excellent courseChina Pharmaceutical University



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