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Professor of Social and Administrative Pharmacy

Vice Dean of School of International Pharmaceutical Business of China Pharmaceutical University.

Phone: 86-25-86185198


Research Summary

Professor Ding’s researches focus on pharmaceutical intellectual property and regulatory science. In recent years, he extends his fields to health insurance payment and centralized drug procurement system.

As a graduate supervisor, Professor Ding enrolls and helps graduates majoring in social and administrative pharmacy (pharmaceutical policies and regulations as well as pharmaceutical intellectual property direction).

Professor Ding takes the key researches and projects of State Council, National Social and Science Foundation as well as the State Intellectual Property Office. He has published more than 78 pieces of papers with one in SCI and 27 in CSSCI.


2011 Ph.D., Agricultural Economy and Management, Nanjing Agricultural University

1999M.S., International Economic Law, Nanjing University

1994B.S., Chinese Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University

Academic Experience

2007-PresentThe State Council Intellectual Property Strategy OfficeThink tank member

2009-Present Intellectual Property Committee of China Pharmaceutical Association Member

2010- Present  Intellectual Property Committee of Jiangsu Lawyer AssociationMember

2015- Present  Expert Tank of National Drug PolicyMember

2015- Present  Intellectual Property Committee of China Health Law Society Vice-Chairman

Awards and Honors

2013 Establishment and Development of Training System for Interdisciplinary Talents of Chinese Pharmacy Administration

First Price of Teaching AchievementJiangsu Provincial Education Department

2012 Young and mid-age Academic leader in Qinglan Program of Jiangsu ProvinceJiangsu Provincial Education Department

2011 Innovation and Practice of Pharmaceutical Law Curriculum Group

Second Price of Teaching Achievement

Jiangsu Provincial Education Department

2009Pioneer of New Long MarchPeople's Government of Jiangsu Province

2008 Contribution award of National intellectual property strategy FormulationState Council

2015 Study ofClassification Management of Drug Price with Health Insurance Payment – Empirical Analysis based on Brilique and Norvasc

Outstanding Paper AwardChina Pharmaceutical Association

2014 Analysis of price difference and policy formation of brand-name and generic drugs in China

Outstanding Paper Award China Pharmaceutical Association

2014 Several issues about Chinese legal definition of new chemical entity under the framework of data protection regime

Outstanding Paper AwardChina Pharmaceutical Association

2014 Pharmaceutical Corporate Patent Strategy under the Framework of the Strategic Emerging Industries

Outstanding Paper AwardChina Pharmaceutical Association

2012 Drug Electronic Supervision Policy under the Twelfth Five-Year Guideline for Drug Safety  

Outstanding Paper AwardChina Pharmaceutical Association

2011 The Unify Operation Pattern of Drug Reimbursement List under thePolicy of New Medical Reform

Outstanding Paper AwardChina Pharmaceutical Association



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Papers and Articles

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