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Associate Professor of health economics

Business School

Phone: 13951866061


Research Summary

My research focuses on health economics, specifically in the area of health system finance, impact of policy interventions on health expenditures and outcomes, social medical insurance. In recent years I have taken charge of research projects about New Rural Cooperative Medical System, such as “A Study on New Rural Cooperative Medical System and Optimal Medical Security Design in Rural China”, funded by Social Science Project of Ministry of Education of China, A Study on Inequality in the Healthcare Finance in Rural China, funded bySocial Science Project of Department of Education of JiangSu Province. I recently published a paper entitled “Does the New Rural Cooperative Medical System withhigher reimbursement rates reduce catastrophic healthexpenditures in rural China?” which test if the NRMS have reduced medical financial burden of rural residents.


2005     Ph.D., Economics, Nanjing Agricultural University

2002     M.S., Economics, Nanjing Agricultural University

1991     B.S., Economics, Yangzhou University

Academic Experience

2005-  Associate Professor of health economics, Department of Economics, Business School,China Pharmaceutical University

2013-2014  Visiting scholar of health economicsInstitute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto

Awards and Honors

2005  Outstanding Postgraduate, Nanjing Agricultural University, 2005.

2007   Outstanding Teaching Award, China Pharmaceutical University.

2014   Outstanding Teaching Award, China Pharmaceutical University


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