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Associate Professor of medicinal chemistry

School of pharmacy

Phone: 86-25-83241246


Research Summary

Professor CHEN’s research focuses on the new drugs development. He pays attention to the combination of scientific research and production, and some of drugs he developed have been approved by SFDA. Recent years, his main research interests are the development of antiviral, antineoplastic and cardiovascular drugs. He has taken charge of several  scientific projects, and published more than 50 papers and 20 patents.


1991       Ph.D., Medicinal Chemistry, China Pharmaceutical University

1988       M.S., Medicinal Chemistry, China Pharmaceutical University

1983       B.S.,  chemical pharmaceuticalChina Pharmaceutical University

Academic Experience

1991-      Associate Professor of medicinal chemistry, China Pharmaceutical University

1983-1985  Intern Research ScientistFujian Institute of General Medical Sciences

Awards and Honors

2011       Patent award, Fujian provincial government

2011       First Prize, for Technological Invention AwardFujian provincial government


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