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Name: Zhenya Dai                                       Gender: Male

Birth Date: December, 1978                             Marital Status: yes

Native Place: Jiangsu Province       Major:Organic Chemistry                                  English Ability: Good                                         

Email:  daizhenya@hotmail.com

Mobile phone: +8615951867995

Career Objective:

Project manager, lab manager or research specialist staff in pharmacy, specialist in research and development.

Self Assessment:

Good experimental skills. Diligence. Team work spirit. Nice characters.


1. Sept.  1996- July 2000   A Bachelor of science in chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China  

2. Sept. 2000-July2005      A Ph. D. candidate in Organic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China

Work experience:

1. Nov. 11-August 2007     A postdoctor in the Leibniz-Institute fur Katalyse an der Universitat Rostock in Deutschland.

2. August 2007 till now      A teacher at China Pharmaceutical University

Research Experience:

1. In 2000, synthesis of phamatical intermediate and synthesis of antioxidant (steric bulkier phenol)

2. From 2001 to 2002, Asymmetric dihydroxylation of enol silylethers or enol esters to form -hydroxy ketone

3. From 2002 to 2003, Asymmetric addition of trialkylgallium and trialkylindium to aldehydes

4. From2003 to 2005, Asymmetric organocatalysis (proline-catalyzed reactions, asymmetric phase transfer catalysis and etc.)

5. From 2005 to 2007, Asymmetric hydrogenation and investigation of the mechanism of asymmetric hydrogenation. Synthesis of bioactive chiral compounds for the cooperated company.

6. From August 2007 till now, synthesis of chiral drugs.

Techniques I have mastered:

1HNMR (300MHz), UV, IR, HPLC, Chromatography, Schlenck technology, Glove box, etc.


In 1996, the people’s scholarship (the third type)

In 1997, the people’s scholarship (the third type)

In 1998, the people’s scholarship (the third type)

In 2002, the BASF’s scholarship

In 2002, the Guanghua scholarship (the second type)

In 2004, the excellent graduate scholarship.

Publication list:

  1. Jiangtao Sun, Chengjian Zhu*, Zhenya Dai, Minghua Yang, Yi Pan, Hongwen Hu. Efficient Asymmetric Oxidation of Sulfides and Kinetic Resolution of Sulfoxides Catalyzed by Vanadium Salan System. J. Org. Chem.2004, 69, 8500-8503.

  2. Zhenya Dai, Chengjian Zhu*, Minghua Yang, Yi Pan*.Asymmetric addition of organogallium to aldehydes catalyzed by chiral titanium catalyst. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry.2005, 16605608.

3.  Zhenya Dai, Chengjian Zhu*, Yi Pan*. Utilization of organogallium and organoindium compounds as alkylation reagents in organic synthesis: the addition of trialkylgallium and trialkylindium to aldehydes catalyzed by Lewis acids. Applied Organometallic Chemistry2005, 7, 898-902.

  1. Haibing Zhu, Zhenya Dai, Wei Huang, Kai Cui, Shaohua Gou*, Chenjian Zhu*. Chiral copper(II) complexes of optically active Schiff bases: syntheses, crystal structure and asymmetric oxidation of methyl phenyl sulfide with hydrogen peroxidePolyhedron 2004, 23, 1131-1137

5. Zhenya Dai, Detlef Heller, Anke Spannenberg, Hans-Joachim Drexler. Crystal structure of (η4-cycloocta-1,5-dien)-((+)-1,1'-bis((2R,4R)-2,4-diethyl-phosphotano)-ferrocene)-rhodium(I) tetrafluoroborate, [Rh(C8H12)Fe(C12H18FeP)2][BF4] Z. Krist. (NCS)2007, 222, 109.

6. Zhenya Dai, Detlef Heller, Angelika Preetz, Hans-Joachim Drexler. Crystal structure of (η4-cycloocta-1,5-dien)-N-(2-(diphenylphosphinooxy)-3-(naphthalen-1-yloxy)propyl)-N-(pentan-3-yl)-1,1-diphenylphosphinamine-rhodium(I)tetrafluoroborate, [Rh(C8H12)(C42H43NO2P2)][BF4] Z. Krist. (NCS)2007, 222, 111.

7. Ralph Jackstell, Zhenya Dai, Thomas Schmidt, Detlef Heller, Hans-Joachim Drexler. Crystal structure of 1-(2-(dicyclohexylphosphinophenyl)pyrol-2-dicyclohexylphosphino-rhodium(I) norborna-2,5-diene tetrafluoroborate tetrahydrofuran hemisolvate, [Rh(C34H51NP2)(C7H8)][BF4] 0.5C4H8O, and 1-(2-(dicyclohexylphosphinophenyl)pyrol-2-dicyclohexylphosphino-rhodium(I) (Z,Z)-cycloocta-1,5-diene tetrafluoroborate, [Rh(C34H51NP2)(C8H12)][BF4] Z. Krist. (NCS)2007, 222, 458.

8. Angelika Preetz, Hans-Joachim Drexler, Christian Fischer, Zhenya Dai, Armin Borner, Wolfgang Baumann, Anke Spannenberg, Richard Thede, Detlef Heller. Rhodium catalyst catalyzed asymmetric hydrogenation-Transfer of the precatalyst into active species. Chemistry: A European Journal 2008, 14, 1445.

9Thomas Schmidt, Zhenya Dai, Hans-Joachim Drexler, Wolfgang Baumann, Christian Jäger, Dietmar Pfeifer, Detlef Heller*. Novel contributions to the mechanism of the enantioselective hydrogenation of dimethyl itaconate with rhodium complexes.  Chemistry: A European Journal 2008, 14, 4469-4471.

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12. Jiangtao Sun*, Minghua Yang, Zhenya Dai, Chengjian Zhu*, Hongwen Hu Synthesis of Optically Active 2,5-Dialkylcyclohexane-1,4-diols and Their Application in the Asymmetric Oxidation of Sulfides. Synthesis, 2008, 13, 2513-2518.

13. Jiangtao Sun, Xu Pan, Zhenya Dai, Chengjian Zhu* Synthesis of new Schiff base-camphorsulfonyl amide ligands and in situ screening in asymmetric addition of organozinc reagents to aldehydes. Tetrahedron: Asymmetry2008, 19, 2451-2457.

14. Jiangtao Sun, Zhenya Dai*, Changsi Li, Xu Pan, Chengjian Zhu* Enantionselective pinacol coupling reaction of aromatic aldehydes catalyzed by chiral vanadium catalyst. Jouranl of Organometallic Chemistry2009, 3219-3221.

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16. Xiaoyang Dong, Ziyu Wang, Daorui Huang, Pei Xu, Zhenya Dai*, Synthesis of New Chiral Phase Transfer Catalysts and their Application in the Asymmetric Alkylation of Glycine Derivatives. Austin Journal of Analytical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.2014, 1(1), 3-5.

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23. Zhenya Dai, Feipeng Yuan, Yunde Zhao, CN102311355 B.

  1. Seng Wang, Xin Cao, Cong Cao, Zhenya Dai, Aijun Lu, CN103804292A.