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Professor of Pharmaceutics

School of Pharmacy

Phone: 86-25-83271027

Email: jianghulin3@163.com

Research Summary

Prof. Jiang has made prominent contributions to the establishment of biocompatible nano-delivery system for the facilitated stability and pharmaceutical activity of protein drugs. Besides, he has greatly promoted the initiation and development of modified chitosan-based gene delivery system, as well as the establishment of safe and effective gene delivery systems with multiple functions. Prof. Jiang has published 80 SCI papers on international journals, with a cumulative IF of 355 and a total citation of 2500. Prof. Jiang has now undertaken a project supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China.


2008      Ph.D., Agricultural Biotechnology, Seoul National University, Korea

2004     M.S., Agricultural Biotechnology, Seoul National University, Korea

2002       B.S., Animal Sciences, Yanbian University, China

Academic Experience

2012-      Professor of Pharmaceutics, China Pharmaceutical University, China

2009-2012  Research Professor, Seoul National University, Korea

2008-2009  Postdoctoral Researcher, Seoul National University, Korea

Awards and Honors

2012     The Specially-Appointed Professors program in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Education Department

2011     Outstanding Researcher Award of College of Veterinary MedicineSeoul National University

2009       Outstanding Researcher Award of Department of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Seoul National University

2007      The Grand Prize of Korean Chitin and Chitosan Society, Korean Society of Chitin and Chitosan

Selected Publications

Papers and Articles

1.Wang FZ, Xie ZS, Xing L, Zhang BF, Zhang JL, Cui PF, Qiao JB, Shi K, Cho CS, Cho MH, Xu X*, Li P*, Jiang HL*. Biocompatible polymeric nanocomplexes as an intracellular stimuli-sensitive prodrug for type-2 diabetes combination therapy.Biomaterials. 2015;73:149-159.

2. Zhang BF, Xing L, Cui PF, Wang FZ, Xie RL, Zhang JL , ZhangM, He YJ, Lu JY, Qiao JB, Chen BA, Jiang HL*. Mitochondriaapoptosis pathway synergistically activated by hierarchical targeted nanoparticles co-delivering siRNA and lonidamine. Biomaterials. 2015; 61: 178-189.

3.Kim JH, Minai-Tehrani A, Kim YK, Shin JY, Hong SH, Kim HJ, Lee HD, Chang SH, Yu KN, Bang YB, Cho CS, Yoon TJ, Yu DY, Jiang HL*, Cho MH*, Suppression of tumor growth in H-ras12V liver cancer mice by delivery of programmed cell death protein 4 using galactosylated poly(ethylene glycol)-chitosan-graft-spermine. Biomaterials. 2012;33:1894-1902.

4.Jiang HL, Xu CX, Kim YK, Arote R, Jere D, Lim HT, Cho MH, Cho CS, The suppression of lung tumorigenesis by aerosol-deliveredfolate-chitosan-graft-polyethylenimine/Akt1 shRNA complexes through the Akt signaling pathway. Biomaterials. 2009;30:5844-5852.

5.Jiang HL, Kwon JT, Kim EM, Kim YK, Arote R, Jere D, Jeong HJ, Jang MK, Nah JW, Xu CX, Park IK, Cho MH, Cho CS, Galactosylated poly(ethylene glycol)-chitosan-graft-polyethylenimine as a gene carrier for hepatocyte-targeting. J Control Release. 2008;131:150-157.

6.Jiang HL, Kang ML, Quan JS, Kang SG, Akaike T, Yoo HS*, Cho CS*, The potential of mannosylated chitosan microspheres to target macrophage mannose receptors in an adjuvant-delivery system for intranasal immunization. Biomaterials. 2008; 29: 1931-1939.

7.Jiang HL, Kim YK, Arote R, Nah JW, Cho MH, Choi YJ, Akaike T, Cho CS*, Chitosan-graft-polyethylenimine as a gene carrier. J Control Release. 2007;117:273-80.


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