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Research Fellow of Pharmacy

School of Pharmacy

Phone: 86-13851652367

Email: zw_why@cpu.edu.cn

Research Summary

Professor ZHOU focuses on the research of new drug dosage forms and its formulations, especially in the research of the production of new drug delivery systems. In recent years a lot of works have been carried out in the research and industrialization of nano drug delivery systems (liposomes, nanoparticles, emulsion) and sustained/controlled release preparations. He has published several papers in core journals and has applied for 4 patents. Recently he obtained more than 10 new drug certificates or clinical approvals.

Meanwhile, he serves as a number of organizations review experts.


2005  Ph.D., PharmacyChina Pharmaceutical University

1999  M.S., PharmacyChina Pharmaceutical University

1994  B.S., PharmacyChina Pharmaceutical University

Academic Experience

2014-     Research Fellow of PharmacyChina Pharmaceutical University

2012-2014  Research Fellow of PharmacyNanjing Technology University

1994-2012  Research Associate of Pharmacy, Jiangsu Institute of Materia Medica

Awards and Honors

2012  First Prize, forScientific and Technical Awards, Chinese Pharmaceutical Association

2010  Second Prize, for Scientific and Technical AwardsPeople's government of Jiangsu Province


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2ZHOU Wei, PING Qi neng. The stability of hydroxycamptothecin liposomes in the blood. Chin Hosp Pharm J 2008, 28(1): 4-6

3ZHOU Wei, XIE Hao, YAN Xiang-ping, DING Yi-mei. Drug release of aciclovir sustained-release tablets in different media. China Pharmacy 2011, 22(21): 2002-2004

4ZHOU Wei, CHEN Fei, CHEN Ning, MAO Ke. Preparation of aprepitant emulsion for intravenous injection. Chin J of Pharmaceuticals 2012, 43(12):13-16 1339-1342

5YAO Yao, ZHOU Wei*, DING Yi-mei. Determination of in Vitro drug release of Paclitaxel lipid nanoparticles by solid phase extraction-HPLC. China Pharmacy  2012, 23( 7): 608-610

6ZHOU Wei*, WEN Yue-lan, DING Yi-mei, Cui Pin. Study on dissolution of compound telmisartan tablets in vitro. West China Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2012, 27(6): 627-630

7WEN Yue-lan, ZHOU Wei*, CHEN Ning. Preparation and in vitro release study of Coenzyme Q10 intravenous emulsion. West China Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2015, 30(2): 157-159