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Associate Professor of Pharmacy

School of Pharmacy

Phone: 86-25-83271480


Research Summary

Research Associate in drug delivery system and Synthesis of carrier materials.

1) Design and synthesis of novelpolymers for micellar and nanoparticle delivery

2) Design of chemical drug, siRNA, shRNA and miRNA targeting tumor.

3) Therapeutic efficacy and toxicity studies in cancer mouse models.

4) Design drug delivery system for poorly water-soluble drug.

5) Research in the industrial production of the different dosage forms


2007       Ph.D., Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University

2002       B.S., Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University

Academic Experience

2011-      Associate Professor of Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy,China Parmaceutical University

2013-2014  Visiting Scholar, Harvard Medical School, Harvard University

2007-2011  Assistant Professor, School of Pharmacy,China Parmaceutical University


1.Wang Y, Xu H, Wang J, Ge L*, Zhu J.Development of a thermally responsive nanogel based onchitosan-poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-acrylamide) for paclitaxel delivery. J Pharm Sci. 2014103(7):2012-21.

2.Wang Y, Wang J,Xu he, Ge L*, Zhu J.Investigation of dual-sensitive nanogels based on chitosan and N-isopropylacrylamide and its intelligent drug delivery of 10-hydroxycamptothecine. Drug Deliv.201410.

3.Liqun Jiang, Xin Zhao, Chunli Zheng, Fang Li,ad James L. Maclean, Fangcheng Chen, Archana Swami, Hai Qian, Jiabi Zhu, and Liang Ge*.The quantitative detection of the uptake and intracellular fate of albumin nanoparticles .RSC Advances.2015, 5, 34956 – 34966.

4.Fangcheng Chen, Jun Wu, Chunli Zheng, Jiabi Zhu,Yajie Zhang, Xinru You, Fujuan Cai, Vishva Shah,Jianping Liu* and Liang Ge *.TPGS modified reduced bovine serum albuminnanoparticles as a lipophilic anticancer drugcarrier for overcoming multidrug resistance.J. Mater. Chem. B, 2016,DOI: 10.1039/c6tb00515b