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Associate Professor of Pharmacology

School of Pharmacy

Phone: 86-13951637796

Email: gonggq@hotmail.com

Research Summary

Professor GONG’s research focuses on the mechanisms of  Antithrombosis and Anti-inflammatory of drugs.  He has been working on the studymultiple target action of antithrombotic drugs and new pathways of anti-inflammatory drugs.


2004     Ph.D., pharmacology, China pharmaceutical University

1990     M.S.,  pharmacology, China pharmaceutical University

1987     B.S.,   pharmacology, China pharmaceutical University

Academic Experience

2002-      Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Department of Pharmacology, China pharmaceutical University


1. Qiu-fang Chen, Yun-ZhanLi, Xin-HuiWang, You-RuiSu, ShuangCui, Ming-Xing Miao, Zhen-ZhouJiang,Mei-LingJiang, Ai-DouJiang, XiangChen, Yun-GenXu , Guo-QingGong*Evaluating antithrombotic activity of HY023016 on rathypercoagulable modelEuropean JournalofPharmacology781(2016)190-197

2.Mei-Ling Jiang, Zhi-Xian Zhang, Yun-Zhan Li, Xin-Hui Wang, Wei Yan, Guo-Qing Gong* Antidepressant-like effect of evodiamine on chronic unpredictable mild stress rats Neuroscience Letters 588 (2015) 154-158

3. Xinhui Wang, Guoqing Gong*, Wenhui Yang, Yunzhan Li, Meiling Jiang, Linlin Li Antifibrotic activity of galangin, a novel function evaluated in animal liver fibrosis model  Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology 36(2013)288-295

4. Yun-Zhan Li , Guo-Qing Gong *, Wen-Hui Yang , Xin-Hui Wang , Mei-Ling Jiang , Yi Zhou ,Xiao-Zhi Yang , Yun-Gen Xu , Guang-Wei HeAntithrombotic activity of HY023016, a novel Dabigatran prodrug evaluated inanimal thrombosis models Thrombosis Research 131 (2013) 425-435

5. Yi Zhou, Guoqing Gong*, Wenhui Yang, Yin Wang, Jing Xu, Yungen Xu  The cardioprotective effect of TG-6, a newly synthesized compound, on ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats  European Journal of Pharmacology683 (2012) 190-196

6. Xiao-Zhi Yang, Wen-Hui Yang , Yun-Gen Xu* , Xiao-Juan Diao, Guo-qing Gong**Synthesis and antithrombotic evaluation of novel dabigatran prodrugs containing a cleavable moiety with anti-platelet activitys European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 57 (2012) 21-28