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Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Deputy Director of Department of Medicinal Chemistry

School of Pharmacy

Phone: 86-25-83271414

Email: jc@cpu.edu.cn

Research Summary

Dr. Jiang’s research focuses on the identification of novel bioactive small molecules and the manufacture process of chemical drugs and intermediates. Based on the structure of protein which has been proved to be the potential target for drug discovery, we make effort to design small molecules that act to the target. After evaluation and further optimization to the lead compound, some drug candidates are hoped to be discovered.


1999       Ph.D., Medicinal Chemistry, China Pharmaceutical University

2002       B.S., Medicinal Chemistry, China Pharmaceutical University

Academic Experience

2010-      Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

2013-2014 Visiting Scholar, Cancer Center, University of Michigan

2007-2010 Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

Awards and Honors

2008CPA-Servier Young Investigator Awards in Medicinal Chemistry


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