Release date:2016-05-17  Release:

Name: Yan Fang

Sex: Female

Phone: 025-83271269

E-mail: lingziyf73@163.com

Education: Ph.D. (be a teacher since doctoral graduation in CPU in 2008 )

Professional Title: Associate Professor, Master’sTutor

Research Area

  1. application of proteomics in exploration of disease and drug mechanisms;

  2. new materials and new technology for proteomic analysis and pharmaceutical analysis;

  3. application of modern analytical techniques in quality evaluation of drugs.

Research Experience

  1. The head of six projects from NSFC ( National Science Foundation of China ), Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu Province, Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, the Open Project Program of MOE Key Laboratory of Drug Quality Control and Pharmacovigilance and other projects;

  2. The coordinators of a series of projects from the Ministry of Sciences and Technology (MOST) and Natural Science Foundation etc;

  3. The completion of a number of programs regarding the quality investigation and clinical pharmacokinetic studies of drugs;

  4. More than 17 research papers, including over 10 SCI articles, published in some related fields of domestic and foreign journals, such as Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, Chromatographia, RSC Advance, European Journal of Pharmacology, Journal of Chromatography A, Journal of Chromatography B, Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Chinese Journal of New Drugs, in the past five years.

  5. Primary Course Teaching"Traditional Chinese Medicine Research" and "Pharmaceutical Analysis" of Pharmaceutical Analysis Course;

  6. Participate in the edit of the book named "Traditional Chinese Analytics" and other materials.