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Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics

School of Pharmacy

Phone: 86-25-83271316

Email: zhengchunli@cpu.edu.cn

Research Summary

Professor Zheng’s research focuses on nanoparticles for pharmaceutical applications. Specifically, her research addresses the design, synthesis and evaluation of metal nanoparticles, PLGA nanoparticles and nanoemulsions for the novel drug delivery system (DDS) with intelligent response, targeting property or improving bioavailability.


2011       Ph.D., PharmaceuticsChina Pharmaceutical University

2002       M.S., PharmaceuticsShenyang Pharmaceutical University

1996       B.S.,   PharmaceuticsShenyang Pharmaceutical University

Academic Experience

2015-2016Visiting Scholar of Nanomedicine, Northeastern University, USA

2015-      Associate Professor of Pharmaceutics, China Pharmaceutical University

2002-2015Lecturer of Pharmaceutics, China Pharmaceutical University

Awards and Honors

2012A scholarship, Askland (China) Investment Co., Ltd


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