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Associate Professor of Chinese Medicines Analysis

Department of Chinese Medicines Analysis

School of Traditional Chinese Pharmacy

Email: 1020092098@cpu.edu.cn

Research Summary

The current research theme in my laboratory integrates pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism/transport, phytochemisry and pharmacology in 2 major foci. (1) Studies of dietary phytochemicals-mediated cellular signaling related to metabolic syndrome. Many natural products have been shown to possess beneficial effects for metabolic syndrome. My laboratory is utilizing the latest molecular, cellular, and LC-MS-MS to interrogate the biological responses elicited by these natural products using a combination of various cell lines coupled with different animal models. (2) Pharmacokinetics and metabonomics of bioactive compounds in Traditional Chinese Medicine. My laboratory investigates the pharmacokinetic behavior of bioactive compounds in TCM. Meanwhile, since pathological states might alter the pharmacokinetics of drugs, we study the differences of their pharmacokinetic behaviors between normal rats and pathological rats to provide scientific data for their clinical efficacy and safety. Furthermore, metabonomics  based  on  the combination of UPLC-Q-TOF with multivariate data analysis is also part of my  study,  aiming  to  discover  biomarkers  for  metabolic  syndrome  and investigate the therapeutic mechanism of TCM.


2009  Ph.D., Pharmacognosy, China Pharmaceutical University

2004  B.S., Traditional Chinese Medicine, China Pharmaceutical University

Academic Experience

2012-present   Associate Professor of Chinese Medicines Analysis, Department of Chinese Medicines Analysis

2009-2012 Department of Chinese Medicines Analysis


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