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Director, Professor, Department of Pharmacology of Chinese Materia Medica

School of Chinese traditional medicine

Phone: 86-25-83271400

Email: yuedaicpu@hotmail.com

Research Summary

Professor YUE DAI’s researches focus onimmunopharmacology. His researches have been funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Major Drug Dscovery and many others national and provincial subjects, published more than 200 research papers, obtained 8 invention patents, and transferred two new traditional Chinese medicines including one drug for arthritis and another for diabetes (ranked as the secondcompleter).

  • Pathophysiological mechanisms of immunological diseases (e.g., rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, allergic dermatitis) and therapy by traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM);

  • Immunopharmacological activities of TCM and active components;

  • Development of novel drugs from natural products.



Ph.D., pharmacy, Kinki University


M.S., Pharmacology of Chinese Materia Medica, China Pharmaceutical University


B.S., Pharmacology, China Pharmaceutical University

Academic Experience


China Pharmaceutical University, School of Chinese traditional medicine, doctoral supervisor


China Pharmaceutical University, School of Chinese traditional medicine, professor


The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine and materia medica, visiting scholar


Kinki University, Departmentofpharmacy, visiting scholar


China Pharmaceutical University, School of Chinese traditional medicine, associate professor


China Pharmaceutical University, School of Chinese traditional medicine, lecturer


Kinki University, Department of pharmacy, visiting scholar


China Pharmaceutical University, School of Chinese traditional medicine, assistant

Awards and Honors


Jiangsu teaching achievement award two, JiangsuEducationDepartment


1. Wang Y1, Xu X1, Zhao P, Tong B, Wei Z*, Dai Y*. Escin Ia suppresses the metastasis of triple-negative breast cancer by inhibiting epithelial-mesenchymal transition via down-regulating LOXL2 expression. Oncotarget,2016. doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.8152.  

2. Yuan X, Tong B, Dou Y, Wu X, Wei Z*, Dai Y*. Tetrandrine ameliorates collagen-induced arthritis in mice by restoring the balance between Th17 and Treg cells via the aryl hydrocarbon receptor. Biochem Pharmacol, 2016, 101: 87-99.

3. Wu X, Dou Y, Yang Y, Bian D, Luo J, Tong B, Xia Y*, Dai Y*. Arctigenin exerts anti-colitis efficacy through inhibiting the differentiation of Th1 and Th17 cells via an mTORC1-dependent pathway. Biochem Pharmacol, 2015, 96 (4): 323-336.

4. Wang T, Wei Z, Dou Y, Yang Y, Leng D, Kong L, Dai Y*, Xia Y*. Intestinal interleukin-10 mobilization as a contributor to the anti-arthritis effect of orally administered madecassoside: a unique action mode of saponin compounds with poor bioavailability. Biochem Pharmacol, 2015, 94 (1): 30-38.

5. Xia Y1, Xia Y1, Lv Q, Yue MF, Qiao SM, Yang Y, Wei Z*, Dai Y*. Madecassoside ameliorates bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis in mice through promoting the generation of hepatocyte growth factor via PPAR-γ in colon. Br J Pharmacol, 2016, 173 (7): 1219-1235.

6. Wei Z, Lv Q, Xia Y, Yue M, Shi C, Xia YF, Chou GX, Wang Z, Dai Y*. Norisoboldine, an Anti-Arthritis Alkaloid Isolated from Radix Linderae, Attenuates Osteoclast Differentiation and Inflammatory Bone Erosion in an Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor-Dependent Manner. Int J Biol Sci, 2015, 11 (9): 1113-1126.

7. Yang Y1, Wu X1, Wei Z, Dou Y, Zhao D, Wang T, Bian D, Tong B, Xia Y, Xia Y*, Dai Y*. Oral curcumin has anti-arthritic efficacy through somatostatin generation via cAMP/PKA and Ca(2+)/CaMKII signaling pathways in the small intestine. Pharmacol Res, 2015, 95-96: 71-81.

8. Tong B1, Dou Y1, Wang T, Yu J, Wu X, Lu Q, Chou G, Wang Z, Kong L, Dai Y*, Xia Y*. Norisoboldine ameliorates collagen-induced arthritis through regulating the balance between Th17 and regulatory T cells in gut-associated lymphoid tissues. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol, 2015, 282 (1): 90-99.

9. Tong B, Lu D, Wei Z, Wang T, Xia Y*, Dai Y*. Gleditsioside B, a triterpene saponin isolated from the anomalous fruits of Gleditsia sinensis Lam., abrogates bFGF-induced endothelial cell migration through preventing the activation of MMP-2 and FAK via inhibiting ERK and PI3K/AKT signaling pathways. Vascul Pharmacol, 2013, 58 (1-2): 118-126.

10. Wei Z, Tong B, Xia Y, Lu Q, Chou GX, Wang Z, Dai Y*. Norisoboldine suppresses osteoclast differentiation through preventing the accumulation of TRAF6-TAK1 complexes and activation of MAPKs/NF-κB/c-Fos/NFATc1 Pathways. PLoS One, 2013, 8 (3): e59171.