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Associate Professor of Neuron Science of Traditional Chinese Medicine

School of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Phone: 86-25-86185127

Email: fuqiang@cpu.edu.cn

Research Summary

Associate Professor FU’s research focuses on screening the natural antidepressant and exploring their underlying mechanisms by using different animal and cell models. Also, He do researches on Alzheimer’s disease, Diabetes mellitus, and the connections between them. Brain ischemia is another research area of us.He recently published a paper entitled "L-Menthone confers antidepressant-like effects in an unpchronic mild stress mouse model via NLRP3 inflammasom inflammatory cytokines and central neurotransmitters", which considers that L-Menthone may play a potential antidepressant-like role in the unpredictable chronic mild stress mouse model by regulating the NLRP3 inflammasome and mediating inflammatory cytokines and central neurotransmitters, which together provide insight towards the development of novel therapeutic treatments for depression.


2012       Ph.D., Basics of Integration of TCM and Western Medicine, China Pharmaceutical University

2002       M.S.,  Traditional Chinese MedicineChina Pharmaceutical University

1997       B.S.,   PharmacologyChina Pharmaceutical University

Academic Experience

2014-      Associate Professor of Pharmacology of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China Pharmaceutical University

2004-2014  Lecturer of Pharmacology of Traditional Chinese MedicineChina Pharmaceutical University

2002-2004 Assistant Professor of Pharmacology of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China Pharmaceutical University



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Papers and Articles

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