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Professor of Pharmacognosy

PI in the State Key Laboratory of Natural Medicines

Director of Human Resources Department, China Pharmaceutical University

Phone: 025-86185559

Email: Qilw@cpu.edu.cn

Research Summary

(1) Discovery of bioactive components from Chinese Herbal Medicines: Professor QI’s research focuses on bioactive components discovery and quality evaluation of Chinese Herbal Medicines (CHMs). Dr. QI’s team has developed innovative strategies for analyzing complex components, discovering bioactive equivalent combinatorial components, and exploring underlying mechnisms for CHMs. (2) Metabolomic profiling of human diseases: Based on large clinical samples, the team have successfully developed a LC-Q-TOF/MS-based technical platform for characterization of metabolic fingerprint analysis of diseasesand metabolic regulation of CHMs. It is aimed to employ a comprehensive metabolomic evaluation for characterization of metabolic disturbances and discovery of diagnostic biomarkers in different clinical types of diseases.


2009  Ph.D., Pharmacognosy, China Pharmaceutical University

2004  B.S., Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hunan University Of

Chinese Medicine

Academic Experience

2012/05-          Professor of Pharmacognosy, School of

Traditional Chinese Pharmacy, China

Pharmaceutical University

2011/01-2012/05  Associate Professor of Pharmacognosy,

School of Traditional Chinese Pharmacy,

China Pharmaceutical University

2013/07-2013/08  Visiting Scholar, Department of Anatomy,

The University of Hong Kong

2012/07-2012/09  Visiting Scholar, School of Medicine, The

University of Chicago

2009/09-2011/01  Post-doctor, School of Medicine, The

University of Chicago

2009/07-2011/01  Instructor of Pharmacognosy, School of

Traditional Chinese Pharmacy, China

Pharmaceutical University

Awards and Honors

2016 the 15th Fork Ying-Tong Education Foundation for Young Teachers in the Higher Education Institutions of China, the Fok Ying-Tong Education Foundation

2015 Grand Challenges 2015-Young Scientists Award, Ministry of Science and Technology of China

2014 The National Ten Thousand Talents Award, the Organization Department of the Central Committee

2014  Jiangsu Ten Preeminent Yong People Award, Youth Federation of Jiangsu Province

2013   First Prize of Natural Science Award of Ministry of Education of China, Ministry of Education of China

2013   Young and Middle-aged Leading Talents in Scientific and Technical Innovation, Ministry of Science and Technology of China

2012   National Excellent Young Scientist Award,  National Natural Science Foundation of China

2011   New Century Excellent Talents Award, Ministry of Education of China

2011  National Excellent Doctorial Dissertation Award, Ministry of Education of China; Academic Degrees Committee


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