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Associate Professor of Electroanalytical Chemistry

School of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Email: linruxu@cpu.edu.cn

Research Summary

Dr. Xu's research area iselectrochemical/optical imaging and its application in bio/drug analysis. This area covers many crossdisciplinesandtechnologies including drug metabolism, immunoassay, microarray preparation,and polymer/nano materials. The research aim is to develop improved optical and electrochemical methodologies for ultrasensitive, ultrafast and flexible assay in clinical diagnosis, point-of-care testing, and micro total analysis, in particular the biomarkers which are undetectable with current assay technologies.


2014       Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry, Zhejiang University

2010       M.S., Analytical Chemistry, Northeastern University

2008       B.S., Chemistry, Liaocheng University

Academic Experience

2016-      Associate Professorof School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China Pharmaceutical University

2014-2015  Assistant Professor of School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China Pharmaceutical University

Awards and Honors

2012     Scholarship Award for Excellent Doctoral Student, Ministry of Education of China


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