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CHEN, JIANQIU in engineering

DistinguishedResearchFellow(2016.1);Associate professor(2013.6)

Graduate advisor

College of Engineering

China Pharmaceutical University  

Nanjing 211198 Jiangsu, P. R China

Tel: 86-025-86185190 Email:

Dr. Chen is the Training objects of the outstanding young key teacher for the Qinlan project, the Director of the department of Environmental sciences and the secretary of the second party branch for teachers. Dr. Chen teaches several courses such like Introduction to Environmental Science, Ecology, Pharmaceutical factory ‘three wastes’ treatment and Environmental analysis and received ten teaching awards. Dr. Chen’s main research areas includes medical pollution environmental effect and evaluation, the Migration mechanism of medicine in natural water body and soil, the Composite degradation mechanism for organic pollutant and the comprehensive treatment and resource utilization for medical pollution. Dr. Chen hosted and participated in several research projects of National Natural Science Foundation, National ministry of science and technology research project ‘the 11th five-year plan’, National environmental protection public welfare funds, Water treatment center of ministry of education funds, The natural science foundation of Jiangsu Province Youth Fund, Open Foundation of State Key Laboratory of Pollution Control and Resource Reuse etc. Since now, 50 SCI/EI papers have been published as the first author and corresponding author.