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  • Associate Professor of pharmaceutical analysis

  • School of engineering institute

Phone: 86-25-86185736


Research Summary

Associate Professor SUN’s research focuses on the study of drug’s quality standard, drug in the body of the generation of pharmacokinetic research, medicine and food analysis. She is  familiar with the analytical instruments such as uv spectrophotometer , liquid chromatography and gas chromatography etc. She recently published a paper entitled " Study of the application of fluorescence spectroscopy analytical technological in identification of adulterated edible oil," this study was to assess the feasibility. of fluorescence spectroscopy for analysis in identification of palm oil, sesame oil and rapeseed oilwhich considersfluorescence spectroscopy analytical technological has feasibility in identification. of adulterated edible vegetable oil.


2007       M.S.,  pharmaceutical analysis,China pharmaceutical university

1992       B.S.,     Inorganic chemistry ,Heilongjiang university


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