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  • Associate Professor of pharmaceutical analysis

  • School of Higher Vocational Education

Phone: 86-25-86185736

Email: cpuyly@yahoo.com

Research Summary

Associate Professor Yu’s research focuses on the studythe applications of new chromatographic technique in biopharmaceutical analysis and deals with different subjects in the chemometrics field. She is  familiar with the analytical instruments such as spectrophotometer , liquid chromatography and gas chromatography etc. She analyzed fluorescence spectra by 2D correlation fluorescence spectroscopy to reveal the details of binding interaction between prulifloxacin and BSA and study the changing of protein in secondary structure and the binding between protein and famotidine in acid aqueous solutions were studied by Fourier transform near-infrared spectrospy combined two-dimensional correlation analysis.


2008  Ph.D  Pharmaceutical analysis, China Pharmaceutical University,

2001   B.S.   Food science, Jiangsu University


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