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China Pharmaceutical University

ZHANG Da-yong

Zhang Da-yong Ph.D., Professor & Ph.D. advisor of Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, Dean of Lianyungang Institute, China Pharmaceutical University.

He graduated from the Department of Chemical and Physics, China Science and Technology University (organic chemistry, master's degree), College of Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University (pharmaceutical chemistry, Ph.D.);He is a member of Chinese peasants and Workers Democratic Party; the training object of the “Six Talents Peak” of Jiangsu Province; expert of Science and Technology Ministry and Agriculture Ministry of China; professor of Jiangsu Agricultural Chemicals Research Center; assistant director of National Taihu Lake Tourism Vacation Zone, Wuxi; deputy director of the National Life Science Park Administrative Committee; professor of Chemistry and Environmental Science, Nanjing Normal University;deputy director of National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Lianyungang;commander of Lianyungang Life & Health Industrial Park. He had been the leader of a number of provincial and national funds, and host many projects from enterprises. He had published dozens of SCI research articles and applied more than a dozen patents. Main Courses for undergraduates, Master PhD students are:Drug Design,Advanced Medicinal Chemistry,Drug Stereochemistryand etc. Zhang Da-yong’s group has more than twenty Master and PhD students, the projects of group main related to the basic synthesis, applied research and industrial products of pharmaceuticals, pesticides and other intermediates.

Contact information

Address: Center of Drug Discovery , China Pharmaceutical University, No.24 Tongjia Xiang, Nanjing 210009, China; No.43 Huanghe Road, Administrative Committee of Economic and Technological, Lianyungang, 222047, China.

Tel and Fax025-83271307O),83271315Lab.),0518-82346228O

E-mail: cpuzdy@163.com;   zhangdayong@cpu.edu.cn

QQ for Zhang Da-yong: 1276753303;  QQ for Zhang Da-yong’s group: 26199365

SKYPE: 1276753303@qq.com

Course instruct

Course for undergraduates: Organic Chemistry, Fine Organic Synthesis, Medicinal Chemistry,Drug Design; Course for Master and PhD students:Advanced Medicinal Chemistry,Drug Stereochemistry

Guide students for graduation practice, innovation projects, opening experiment projects and graduate thesis.

Main research topic

  1. Major diseases and biological research for drug discovery.

Synthesis and biological research of target antitumor drug, antidiabetic drug and antiviral drug.

  1. Design, synthesis and biological activity research of new pesticide active chemical molecule.

To find efficient, low toxicity, environmentally compounds used in pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, anti-algae and etc.

  1. Research on the industrial synthesis of pharmaceuticals, pesticides and intermediates.

We have the experience of research and development in application for decades, and have successfully developed dozens of products. Here are the representative products

  1. Medicine:Antidiabetic drugs: Dapagliflozin; Antitumor drugs: Raltitrexed; Antiviral drug:Famciclovir, Penciclovir and Anti-uric acid drug: Benzbromarone and etc.

  2. Pesticides: Pesticides: Chlorantraniliprole, Fipronil, Clothianidin, Thiamethoxam, Spirotetramat, Chlorfenapyr and Tebufenozide; Permethrin (public health insecticides); Herbicides: dimethyl metsulfuron (Sigma),Pyroxsulam, Mesotrione, Isoxaflutole, Nicosulfuron, Rimsulfuron and Flazasulfuron and etc.

  3. Medicine, pesticide intermediates and chemicals:Difluoroethyl alcohol, 2-Amylanthraquinone (hydrogen peroxide produce aids), 4,4-Biphenol (liquid crystal material), Carbazole (intermediate body of dye), many other medicine and pesticide intermediates. Furaneol (flavoring agents in tobacco and alcohol), δ-Decalactone and δ-Dodecalactone (milk addition) and etc.

Recent foundations and projects

  1. The synthesis of new ent-kaurene glycosides and study about their inhibiting activities on NF-κB pathway, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (81172934), 2012.1-2015.12

  2. The synthesis of jolkinolide derivatives and study about their activities as IκB kinase inhibitors, the National Natural Science Foundation of China (30973607)2010.1-2012.12

  3. The synthesis of ent-kaurene analogs from steviol and isosteviol and researches on their antitumor activities, Jiangsu Province, “the six talents peak” Project (Y092003)2009.1-2012.12

  4. The synthesis and antitumor study of jolkinolide derivativesthe talent foundation of China Pharmaceutical University (211091)2006.9-2008.9.

  5. Study on an anti-hypertensive new drug ATPT (2009zx09102-036), “Significant Drug Discovery” science and technology projects of China, “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” projects, 2009.1-2010.12.

  6. Study on a novel anti-atherosclerotic drugs ZLJ-601’s (2009zx09103-098), “significant Drug Discovery” science and technology projects of China, “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” projects, 2009.1-2010.12.

  7. Synthesis and Biological Activity of rimsulfuron, Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Office of scientific and technological research (three drugs) project (2005103SB9B555), 2006.6-2008.12.

  8. Synthesis of abietanes Euphorbia diterpene lactone and the antitumor activity study, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education graduate students’ innovative engineering 2010.1-2012.1.

  9. Dozens of cooperation research projects between universities and companies (omitted).

Recent Research Articles

      1. Yan Luo, Ke Wang, Meng-han Zhang, Da-Yong Zhang*, Yang-chang Wu, Xiao-ming Wu, Wei-yi Hua. Synthesis of new ent-labdane diterpene derivatives fromandrographolide and evaluation on cytotoxic activities[J]. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 2015, 25: 2421-2424. (SCI)

      2. Liangwei Zhang, Xiangdong Li,Yuanhong Liu*, Da-Yong Zhang*. Palladium-catalyzed highly efficient synthesis of functionalized indolizines via cross-coupling/cycloisomerization cascade[J]. Chem. Commu., 2015, 51(30): 6633-6636. (SCI)

      3. Chang-Zhen Zhu, Ke Wang, Meng-han Zhang, Da-Yong Zhang*, Yang-Chang Wu, Xiao-Ming Wu, Wei-Yi Hua. Efficient Synthesis of Jolkinolide A and B from Steviol[J]. Synthesis, 2014,46: 2574-2578. (SCI)

      4. Jinyue Su, Yatao Qiu, Kun Ma, Yiwu Yao, Zhen Wang, Xianling Li, Dayong Zhang*, Zhengchao Tu*, Sheng Jiang. Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of largazole derivatives: alteration of the zinc-binding domain [J]. Tetrahedron, 2014, 70: 7763-7769. (SCI)

      5. Bin Zhou, Dayong Zhang* and Xiaoming Wu. Biological Activities and Corresponding SARs of Andrographolide and Its Derivatives[J]. Mini-Rev Med Chem, 2013,13(2): 298-309. (SCI)

      6. Yao-fu Zeng, Jia-qiang Wu , Lian-yong Shi, Ke Wang, Bin Zhou, Yong Tang, Da-yong Zhang*, Yang-chang Wu, Wei-yi Hua, Xiao-ming Wu. Synthesis and evaluation of cytotoxic effects of novel α-methylenelactone tetracyclic diterpenoids [J]. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett.,2012,22:1922-1925.

      7. Yang Li, Ke Wang, Bin Zhou, Yong Tang, Da-yong Zhang*, Yang-Chang WuWei-yi Hua, Xiao-ming Wu. A new ent-kaurenoide agent CPUK02 can notably inhibit tumor growth through induction of the cell apoptosis [J]. Chinese Journal of Nature Medicine.,2012,6:429-435.

      8. Kun Su, Yatao Qiu, Yiwu Yao, Dayong Zhang*, Sheng jiang. 8-Hydroxyquinolin-N-oxide-Promoted Copper-Catalyzed C-S Cross-Coupling of Thiols with Aryl Iodides[J]. Synlett., 2012, 23: 2853-2857.

      9. Lian-yong Shi, Jia-qiang Wu, Da-yong Zhang*, Yang-chang Wu, Wei-yi Hua,  Xiao-ming Wu. Efficient Synthesis of Novel Jolkinolides and Related Derivatives Starting from Stevioside[J].Synthesis., 2011, 23: 3807-3814.

      10. Jing Li, Dayong Zhang*, Xiaoming Wu. Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel exo-methylene cyclopentanone tetracyclic diterpenoids as antitumor agents [J]. Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 2011, 21: 130-132.

      11. Zhang, Dayong*, Tian, Qinghai ,Lu, Mingruo, Wu, Xiaoming. Synthesis and Herbicidal Activities of 2-[o-4,6-Dimethoxylpyrimidinyl-2-oxo(thio)phenyl]-1,3,4-thia(oxa)diazoles[J].Chin.J.Org.Chem., 2011, 31(8): 1202-1207.

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