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Yang, Yong

Professor of Pharmacology

Associate Dean of Institute of Pharmaceutical Science

Phone: 86-25-86185622

Email: yy@cpu.edu.cn

Research Summary

Professor Yang’s research focuses on discovery the mechanisms for inflammation-induced cancer and developing of new anti-cancer drugs. He discovered that Gαi1/3 is the key downstream signal molecule of TLR4, an important pattern recognition receptor of innate immunity. He has proved that Gαi1/3 forms a complex with CD14 and its joint molecule Gab1 to take part in PI3K-AKT pathway mediated by TLR4. These results have been published on PNAS (2015). He is the director of Center for New Drug Safety Evaluation and Research of China Pharmaceutical University and has successfully established GLP system with the specification of CFDA. Based on this technological platform, he is hosting a series of new drug evaluation.


2005      Ph.D., Pharmacology, Nanjign Medical Uniersity

2000      B.S., Clinical Medicine, Nanjing Medical Unisersity

Academic Experience

2005-  Professor of Pharmacology, China Pharmaceutical University

Awards and Honors

2015  A CNPHARS-SERVIER young Investigator Awards in Pharmacology CNPHARS

2007  The second prize of Scientific Progress of Jiangsu ProvinceScience and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province

2005  The first prize of Scientific Progress of Jiangsu ProvinceScience and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province


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