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Professor of Sports Specialty

School of Sports Department

Phone: 86-25-86185216

Email: zhanglingyd64@163.com

Research Summary

Professor Zhang’s research focuses on culture geared to the needs of modernization, the world and the future, to adapt to China's socialist modernization construction and the actual needs of elementary education reform and development. The comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, beauty and broad professional basis, with modern education idea, the good scientific literacy and professional ethics, and creative spirit and practice ability. It trains people who can work in school physical education and health teaching, training, competition or in the school sports science research management, school sports and social sports instruction work with a special sports education specialized talents.


1986       E.S.,  Sports Specialty,Yangzhou University

Academic Experience

1997-     Professor of Sports Department, China Pharmaceutical University

Awards and Honors

2009 Jiangsu Province Teaching Achievement Prize


  1. The research on the effect of hypertensive rat ADM after sports

  2. The reconsitution of athletic social security system in China

  3. The research on the oxygen radical leading to exercise induced fatigue