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ZHANG, Jianjun

Associate Professor

School of Pharmacy

Email: myamicute@163.com

Research Summary

Dr. ZHANG’s current research interests are in the fundamentals and characterizations of the solid state, optimization of the solid-state properties by pharmaceutical crystallology (e.g. cocrystals, amorphous and coamorphous), nanotechnology-based drug delivery systems (e.g. nanoemulsions, nanocrystals and nanosuspensions) as well as novel pharmaceutical techniques (e.g. spray drying, freeze drying, and supercritical fluid technologies). In addition to fundamental researches, Dr. ZHANG also devotes himself in pharmaceutical industry and focuses on the formation development & process optimization. Dr. ZHANG’s researches in the above fields have generated over 40 original research papers (SCI) and more than 30 China patents. He is member of AAPS (American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists) and also serving as journal reviewer for more than 10 international peer reviewed journals (e.g. Crystal Growth & Design, Molecular Pharmaceutics, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, etc).


2002-2005  China Pharmaceutical University  PhD in Pharmaceutics

1996-2000  China Pharmaceutical University Mphil in Pharmaceutics

1990-1994  China Pharmaceutical University BA in Pharmaceutics

Academic Experience

2006.4- present  

Associate Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University


Visiting scholar, University of Minnesota, USA


Technical Director, Jiangsu Sihuan Bioengineering Co. Ltd.


Visiting scholar, Hong Kong Baptist University


CDER, China Food and Drug Administration


Wuxi AppTec Life science and Chemistry Award

Pharmacy Youth Award of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association

Middle-aged and YoungLeaders of Disciplines in Scienceof Jiangsu Province, China

Key Teacher of Qing Lan Project of Jiangsu Province

Representative Publications

  1. Qian S, Heng W, Wei Y, Zhang J*, Gao Y. Coamorphous lurasidone hydrochloride–saccharin with charge-assisted hydrogen bonding interaction shows improved physical stability and enhanced dissolution with pH-independent solubility behavior. Cryst. Growth Des., 2015, 15 (6): 2920–2928

  2. Ma K, Zhang Y, Kan H, Cheng L, Luo L, Su Q, Gao J, Gao Y, Zhang J*. Thermodynamic and kinetic investigation on the crucial factors affecting adefovir dipivoxil-saccharin cocrystallization. Pharm Res. 2014, 31(7):1766-1778.

  3. Wei Y, Li L, Xi Y, Qian S, Gao Y, Zhang J*. Sustained release and enhanced bioavailability of injectable scutellarin-loaded bovine serum albumin nanoparticles. Int J Pharm. 2014, 476(1-2): 142-148.

  4. Gao Y, Liao J, Qi X, Zhang J*. Coamorphous repaglinide-saccharin with enhanced dissolution. Int J Pharm. 2013, 450(1-2): 290-295.

  5. Gao Y, Gao J, Liu Z, Kan H, Zu H, Sun W, Zhang J*, Qian S. Coformer selection based on degradation pathway of drugs: a case study of adefovir dipivoxil-saccharin and adefovir dipivoxil-nicotinamide cocrystals. Int J Pharm. 2012, 438(1-2): 327-335.

  6. Zhang J, Gao Y, Qian S, Liu X, Zu H. Physicochemical and pharmacokinetic characterization of a spray-dried malotilate emulsion. Int J Pharm, 2011, 414(1-2):186-192.

  7. Liu Y, Zhang J (contribution equally), Gao Y, Zhu J. Preparation and evaluation of glyceryl monooleate-coated hollow-bioadhesive microspheres for gastroretentive drug delivery. Int J Pharm, 2011, 413(1-2):103-109.

  8. Zhang J, Lv H, Jiang K, Gao Y*. Enhanced bioavailability after oral and pulmonary administration of baicalein nanocrystal. Int J Pharm. 2011, 420(1):180-188.

  9. Zhang J, Zheng Z, Gao Y*, Zhang Y. Spray-dried oil-in-water emulsion to improve the intestinal absorption and oral bioavailability of ZLR-8, a nitric oxide-releasing derivative of diclofenac. J Pharm Pharmacol, 2011, 63(12):1531-1538.

  10. Zhang J, Liu D, Huang Y, Gao Y, Qian S. Biopharmaceutics classification and intestinal absorption study of apigenin. Int J Pharm, 2012, 436(1-2): 311-317.