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Professor of Pharmaceutics

Director of Jiangsu province public technology service center of nanodrug preparation and evaluation

School of Pharmacy

Phone: 86-25-83271035


Research Summary

Professor KE’s research focuses on the development of novel drug delivery systems and pharmaceutical technologies of biomacromolecule drugs and hydrophobic drugs.She has recently published about 20 SCI papers and takes on projects from Natural Science Foundation of China, State Project For Essential Drug Research and Development, etc.

Professor KE’s research also focuses on the formulation development of generic drugs. She has achieved technical transformation to industries up to forty pieces and obtained two pieces of Clinical Trial Permission of the first type of new drug.



Ph.D., PharmaceuticsChina Pharmaceutical University


M.S.,  PharmaceuticsChina Pharmaceutical University


B.S.,   PharmaceuticsChina Pharmaceutical University

Academic Experience

1997- present     
Professor of Pharmaceutics, China Pharmaceutical University


Post Doc, Department of Life Sciences, Nanjing University


Drug Evaluation Scientist, State Center for Drug Evaluation

Awards and Honors

2011       New Century Excellent Researcher Award Program from Ministry of Education of China

2011       “333 high-level personnel training project  Young leaders in science and technology of Jiangsu Province

2007        Second in Science and Technology Progress Award of Jiangsu Province


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