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Associate Professor of Microbiology& Biological Pharmaceutics

School of Life Science & Technology

Phone: 86-25-83271483

Email: juancpu@126.com

Research Summary

Professor Zhang’s research focuses on the study of tumor targeted antibody therapeutics using phage display fully human antibody library and hybridoma technology.A number of monoclonal antibodies,bi-functional antibodies or fusion antibodies she designed exhibit promising anti-cancer effects either in cell therapy at clinical phases or pre-clinical phases.She recently published a paper entitled "VEGFR2 targeted antibody fused with MICA stimulates NKG2D mediated immunosurveillance and exhibits potent anti-tumor activity against breast cancer," in which the fusion antibody she designed recruits NK cell mediated immunotherapy.


2009   Ph.D., Microbiology& Biological Pharmaceutics, China Pharmaceutical University.Co- supervised Ph.D student, Imperial College, London. UK

2003    M.S., Microbiology& Biological PharmaceuticsChina Pharmaceutical University.

1997     B.S., Microbiological PharmacyChina Pharmaceutical University.

Academic Experience

2013 - 2014  Visiting Scholar, Geffen School of Medicine, University of California Los Angeles

2010 - present  Associate Professor of Microbiology& Biological PharmaceuticsChina Pharmaceutical University

2003 - 2009  Lecturer of  Molecular Biology

2001 - 2002  Teaching Assistant

Awards and Honors

2014  Young-and-Middle Aged Leading Academic professor of Jiangsu Province

2013  333-Project Talent of Jiangsu Province

2011  Sanofi-Aventis Young Scientist Prize in Biological Medicine, China Pharmaceutical Association

2010  Outstanding Young Teacher of Jiangsu Province  


*corresponding authors

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