New Drug Developed by CPU Obtained Clinical Trial Approval

Release date:2017-07-11  Release:主页英文版

July 5, 2017: Anti-tumor drug deoxypodophyllotoxin and its injection have recently been approved by CFDA for clinical I to III research. After eight years’ development by Xiong ZHU and Baojin WU at the Institute of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Research Institute, this is CPU’s another important achievement in the field of innovative drug research.


Oxygenated podophyllotoxin (hereinafter referred to as DPT) can be extracted from the active ingredients of Sinopodophyllum hexandrum and other natural medicinal plants, but the content is minimal and insoluble in water. ZHU and WU’s research team used semi-synthetic method to prepare high purity DPT, and solved the water-soluble problem with hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin for DPT preparation


In-vivo preclinical studies have shown that DPT has strong anti-tumor effect on a variety of human tumor cells such as lung cancer, breast cancer and gastric cancer. The effect is comparable to or better than paclitaxel, especially for tumors resistant to paclitaxel and vinorelbine. Tumor resistance is a common problem in chemotherapy, and DPT is expected to be a new drug for clinical treatment of drug-resistant tumors.


Preclinical studies are participated by CPU’s New Drug Screening Center, Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Pharmacokinetics, Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Tumor Occurrence and Intervention, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of Drugs, and Jiangsu Ding Tai Pharmaceutical Research Co., Ltd. etc.  It also represents a major success in the joint effort by the school and industry.


Deoxidized podophyllotoxin and its injection currently have obtained five national invention patent certificates. The project was funded by the national Three-Five Major New Drug Funding and Jiangsu Provincial Funding.