Mock Trial against Usurious Student Loans

Release date:2018-04-13  Release:主页英文版

March 14, 2018: The Gulou District Court of Nanjing held a mock trial in the Auditorium of China Pharmaceutical University, Jiangning Campus. Two usurious private loan trials were rehearsed in front of 1,000 more CPU students.

“The private loan market is largely unregulated and prey on students with risky, high-interest loans.” Said Mr. SUN the president judge of the district court, “The pursuit of smart phones and other fancy products has lured many students throughout the nation into university drop-out and bankruptcy. Besides, the usury providers usually use violence on the students in debt and even force them into prostitution.”

Mock trials are always taught in conjunction with administrative law courses at CPU. Student participants highly commended the mock trial as “better than 100 case study in the textbooks.”Faculty members attending the trial commented:“Besides judicial practice against usury, social awareness must be raised and students need to learn to protect themselves through wise and rational spending.”