Rong FAN and Her Field Collection of 1000+ Medicinal Plants

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March 9, 2018: Rong FAN, an undergraduate student of China Pharmaceutical University major in Chinese medicine resources and development, has recorded her field collection practice, image gallery and data of over 1000 medicinal plants throughout her home province Guizhou, southeast China. Her WeChat public account “Travelling with Plants” included 300+ original articles about the plants and has won 1200+ subscribers since July 2016.

 “With the sky as my comforter, and the earth as my bed, fireflies flying around, I felt isolated from the world. My neighbors were a cow and two snakes. I made my food by cutting firewood and drinking the mountain water. The stream was full of wildflowers and weeds: snakeberries, gentian, rhubarb, and seven-leaf ghost lanterns... Nature is beautiful, and Chinese medicine resources are all inclusive. Nice!" Rong FAN said her fieldwork was a risky but enriching experience: “I stumbled four or five times per day climbing mountain roads, and there were several times I almost kicked someone down the hill. Under normal circumstances, before one day's trip, I would call back home to let them know where I were, and from time to time I sent photos to my parents so that they can rest assured. Mom was always worried. One time, I was too devoted. There was no signal in the mountains. My family reported to the police when they couldn’t locate me. After going downhill, I went to the police station and had to explain the situation...”

Other than displaying the dry data of medicinal plants, Rong FAN’s articles include her reflections of nature and evolution, such as “Plants develop resistance to coldness, heat, pests and environmental changes and formed certain mechanisms by synthesizing certain compounds. Humans ‘borrow’ those compounds for our own use and that’s called natural medicine.” She hopes that her articles can be enlightening to the public by helping them to find connections with nature: “We see some plants every day but don’t know their names. We may have heard of some plants but never been able to see. The more you try to understand different plants, like an old friend, the more you can understand the mechanisms between men and nature, and the more you will know how to live with peace of mind. You will neither complain, nor will you be too demanding. ”

Rong FAN relates her work to Compendium of Materia Medica, a Traditional Chinese Pharmacy classic. She hoped that the legacy of TCP can be known by more people with the new media technology.

Recently, she is devoted in studying the endangered species from Shanxi Province at the two new Botanic Gardens of CPU. Her enthusiasm for medicinal plants will never end.


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Translated and revised by Qi LIU