The 10th Frontiers of Science Forum Held at CPU

Release date:2018-04-16  Release:主页英文版

April 11, 2018: The 10th Frontiers of Science Forum was held in the library of Jiangning campus, China Pharmaceutical University (hereafter CPU). The guest speaker Professor Brendan Boyce, Director of the Department of Anatomical Pathology from the University of Rochester, delivered a lecture entitled “Roles for NF-kB in the regulation of bone mass.” The forum was attended by Professor Maode LAI the President of CPU and hosted by Professor Lianwen QI.

The theme of this forum was bone metabolism research and thesis design. Professor Brendan Boyce firstly introduced the roles of osteoclastogenesis inhibitory factor (OPG), receptor activator of nuclear factor-κBligand (RANKL) and tumor necrosis factor receptor (TRAF3) in osteoclast forming and bone loss controlling. He then demonstrated TRAF3’s potential to be a target protein to suppress osteoclast forming and bone loss. Then, drawing on his experience as the editor of Journal of Bone and Mineral Research and Journal of Clinical Investigation, Professor Brendan Boyce systematically introduced the requirements for a high-quality thesis with live examples from title, abstract, introduction, method, result and discussion and elaborated on the reviewing procedures and standards of top journals.

The last part of the lecture was a question-and-answer section. Students and faculty raised questions about their research interests and shared their own research experiences which received timely and positive feedback by Professor Brendan Boyce.