CPU Takes the Lead of China’s Anti-drug Research

Release date:2018-10-18  Release:主页英文版

Oct.16, 2018: Recently, Professor XU Hui’s national key research project “Detecting and Early Intervention of Illegal Drugs” has been approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. China Pharmaceutical University (CPU) is responsible for the implementation of the project. A total of 10.32 million yuan research funding has been allocated.


The project targets major key issues in the fields of drug detection, early intervention and rehabilitation. Through bio-drug traceability methods and various hallucinogen test methods; a drug-monitoring system is established based on environmental drug analysis; a drug-abuse time certification is formulated; rapid portable spectrometry drug detection equipment and rapid saliva inspection devices are developed; drug addiction determination methods are developed; new methods and equipment for drug rehabilitation are developed; a standardized and accurate drug detection and anti-drug intelligence system are formed, and these research results will be used to the fields of anti-drug demonstration and drug rehabilitation.


The project is coordinated by multiple schools and departments of CPU, with the support from numerous governmental departments and institutions, including the Office of the National Anti-Drug Committee - China National Pharmaceutical University Joint Anti-drug Technology Laboratory, the Anti-drug Information Technology Center of the Ministry of Public Security, the First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, and the Physical Identification Center of the Ministry of Public Security. First-line anti-drug units such as the Third Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, China Criminal Police College, Zhejiang Police College, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanxi Medical University, Ningbo University and other high-level anti-drug research and research institutes, medical teams from Gansu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc., as well as enterprises with outstanding R&D and achievement transformation capabilities such as Ningbo Huayi Ningchuang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Hunan Zhongke Shuguang Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd., together to form a strong production, learning, research, use team.


The development of this project will further promote the intersection and integration of the dominant disciplines and national anti-drug work in CPU, and serve the strategic needs of national public security. CPU will take this opportunity to form a new area of study, carry out original innovation research based on key anti-drug technologies, and contribute to China's and international anti-drug campaign.


(Contributed by: Science and Technology Office, Office of the National Anti-Drug Committee - Joint Laboratory of Anti-Drug Key Technologies of China Pharmaceutical University, written by Chen Tingsu, Su Mengxiang, Translated by LIU Qi, School of International Education)