HAO Haiping, Vice President

Release date:2019-11-13  Release:主页英文版

Prof. HAO Haiping was born in May 1976, and began his work in August 1994. Graduated from China Pharmaceutical University with a Ph.D. in pharmacokinetics, he is now a researcher and a doctoral supervisor.


He has served as deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Natural Medicine Active Components and Pharmacodynamics of China Pharmaceutical University, Director of the “2011 Plan” Construction Office, and Dean of the School of Pharmacy. In August 2019, he served as vice president of China Pharmaceutical University.


He is mainly engaged in metabolic regulation and target discovery / confirmation, Chinese medicine and natural medicine in vivo processes and mechanism of action. In recent years, he has presided over 17 major research projects such as the National Major New Drug Creation Project, the National Natural Science Foundation Key Project, International Cooperation Project, and Major Research Program. He received 2 second prizes for national scientific and technological progress (ranked third and fourth respectively), first prize for science and technology progress of the Ministry of Education (ranked second), and second prize for science and technology of Jiangsu Province (ranked second and fourth respectively). He has more than 150 SCI papers published in the journals such as Cell Metab and Nat Commun as the first author or correspondent author.


He is a Distinguished Professor of the “Changjiang Scholars” of the Ministry of Education, a recipient of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and the first batch of “Millions of Planners” (the first batch of “Young Talents” of the Central Organization Department) and the winners of 100 outstanding doctoral thesis papers nationwide. He is Jiangsu Youth May Fourth Medal Winner, the Top Ten of the 11th Jiangsu Province Young Technology Stars, Class A Trainee of Jiangsu Province Six Talents Peak, Jiangsu Province “333” High-level Talent Cultivation Project Young and Young Science and Technology Leaders (Level 2).