CPU celebrates its 4th cultural festival

Release date:2019-12-04  Release:主页英文版

Nov.16, 2019: CPU cultural festival has grown into an annual landmark event for international students and Chinese students of various ethnic groups. This year, the 4th cultural festival was held under the Belt-and-Road theme, on Jiangning campus outdoors near Canteen #2 over the weekend. The festival showcased dances, songs, costumes and art exhibition, attracting hundreds of students from CPU and other universities in Nanjing.

At the opening ceremony, CPU vice president KONG Lingyi supported the idea to make the festival as an annual event, saying that it would help attract more international students along the Belt-and-Road, and serve as a platform to promote mutual understanding of various cultures.

Photos by XIA Qing and ZHAO Hengshuai

CPU Vice President KONG Lingyi Delivering Speech

On the way to the cultural exhibition

Cultural exhibition with ethnic food

Ghanaian Dance